i'm only human

warning, warning, warning

Friends Only
please don't add me out of the blue
i will not add you if you just friend me.

★We don't need to have things in common or share lots of interests/fandoms. As long as you show interest in my entries and comment from time to time we're good to go =). Although, to be quite honest, it would be best if I know you from somewhere else, say an icontest a comm or mutual friends etc =). So if you'd like to add me, just drop a comment, otherwise I will not add you back.

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i'm only human

tiny friends cut~

friends cut
since I'm "cleaning" my journal I decided to also remove some people from my flist, but don't worry I only removed dead journals that hadn't been updated for more than 5 months.
I would never have the heart to remove any of you for any reason whatsoever unless...there was a really strong one rofl.

Anyways just thought you should know, nothing personal =3.

Real post tomorrow, when I finish some stuff and have more to tell you guys lol
Night &hearts~